1. The southern winter from May to November.
The season is cool and relatively dry. The weather is generally good. Negative temperatures occur in the “Hauts” [Highs] and in the volcanic area.
This is the best time for all sporting activities.

2. The southern summer from December to April.
The season is hot and rainy with temperatures which fluctuate between 15⁰ C [60⁰ F] and 34⁰ C [94⁰ F].
During this season the island experiences the passage of tropical depressions.
This period is best for admiring the beautiful waterfalls of the island and is ideal for swimming.
Sporting activities are possible, but some precautions are necessary. It is advised to frequently consult weather reports; the weather can change very quickly.

A small, mountainous and volcanic tropical island about three million years old, Reunion Island is located in the southeastern Indian Ocean more than 9,200 km [5,720 miles] from Paris.
Its surface of 2,512 km2 (1,560 miles2] is continually growing due to volcanic activity of “The Furnace” which is often erupting. The other volcano, Snow Peak, is dormant; it is the highest point on the island at 3,071 m [10,075 feet].


Reunion Island is also the island of all sports: Canyoning, Climbing, Trekking, Hang Gliding, All-Terrain Vehicle Sports, SURFING… Activities and recreation are thus possible on the ground, in the air and in the water.

Reunion Island is a hiker’s paradise and invites you to discover its countless footpaths which lead every person to happiness.
Before your departure, consult the following:
Recognized bodies (Alpine Clubs, Offices of Tourism, etc.) for reservations and advice.
Nature sport professionals can provide practical advice as well as choices of NFO(National Forestry Office) itineraries so that you are aware of which pathways are open and which are closed.

If you are leaving for several days, you can notify the PGHM (High Mountain Rescue Team) and leave them your planned route.

For over ten years, the EVASION KREOL team is known and recognized for its seriousness, its competence, its professionalism. For each discipline that we offer in canyoning and trekking, each mountain professional is highly qualified to accompany you, support you and make your trip an unforgettable moment on the island of intensity.

For more than 10 years, the EVASION KREOL team is known and recognized for its seriousness, qualifications and its professionalism. In fact, for each discipline we propose you, canyoning and trekking, each mountain professional is highly qualified to accompany and supervise you and to make your stay on the island an intense and unforgettable moment.


From October to March: Reunion Island is three hours ahead of the Paris metropolitan area.
From April to September: two hours ahead.

Currently valid identity card or passport (at least six months’ validity remaining).

No specific vaccine requirements.

A sun block cream and after-sun lotion; mosquito repellent.

• In the high places it can turn cold, even very cold. Bring a warm jacket or sweater.
• If you’re thinking of walking long distances, think carefully of what to bring: durable walking shoes, a sweater, a K-way (rainproof jacket)…
• Also light trousers, T-shirt, swimsuit…

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