The man behind EVASION KREOL, Denis is originally from the Bretagne region of France. He first set down his suitcase on the intense island 13 years ago, after having explored metropolitan France from end to end. An avid canyoneer, he is also the producer of our videos and the undisputed cameraman…



Originally from the Pyrenees, Gerard is a state certified canyoning instructor. Twenty-two years of experience in mountain rescue in metropolitan France and on Reunion Island have made him a pillar of his team. His knowledge of the canyoning milieu and his skills are evident. Gerard, alias “GG” is also trekking director on Reunion Island.


Thierry joined our team a few months ago. He has worked in high mountain rescue (PGHM) where he spent 22 years in the various mountain ranges of France and Reunion Island. He has diplomas in mountain guiding, rescue instructor and canyoning instructor instructor. Thierry, alias “Titi” has a thorough understanding of canyoning on Reunion Island.


The CILAOS specialist, Gilbert is a state certified canyoning instructor instructor and has several arrows to his quiver. He has thorough knowledge of all the canyons on Reunion Island. A resident of CILAOS, he made this magnificent village his canyoning center. Of course Fleurs Jaunes, Bras Rouge in all its versions, Gobert, Coin – he knows all these mythical sites.


A Basque, Patxi has been exploring the canyons of Reunion Island for over 20 years. An unbeatable source of information on the island’s flora and fauna, he is a state certified canyoning instructor.


Established for several years, Julien alias “Juju” is a certified high mountain guide. An outstanding mountain professional, the island’s canyons hold no secrets for him.


On Reunion Island for two years already, Tristan has a state certification in canyoning instruction. As he lives on the island’s west side, he has a deep knowledge of the island’s canyons and especially the sites around Grain Galet and CILAOS.


A certified high mountain guide, canyoning instructor instructor and specialist in all-terrain vehicles, Philippe, alias Phil fell in love with Reunion the first day he set foot here in 2011. After 19 years in mountain rescue, he will get you to the edge of Trois Salazes overlooking its outstanding canyons.



A native of Reunion Island, Régis has extensive knowledge of the island’s fauna and flora. He is a state-certified medium degree mountain guide, a tranquil strength, specialized in Reunion Island trekking.


Patrice is a certified medium degree mountain guide and specialized in trekking and hiking on Reunion Island. In his bag will always be found some homemade specialties of Reunion Island.


Frédéric is a certified medium degree mountain guide, keenly interested in hiking and trekking. He is an inexhaustible source of info on the history of Reunion Island.

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